I lost my soul, and the devils haven't come back..

I don’t mind not having a soul (for now, at least), it hasn’t had any adverse effects, and it sounds pretty cool. But before I lost it (a devil was too convincing) I used to get lots of opportunity cards from my Intimate of Devils quality. Since I became soulless, I haven’t seen them again. Is this just a random quirk, or is it because I lost my soul? Or does the Intimate of Devils only go up to 20 (which I have)? Is there anyway to make them come back, or do I need my soul back? Thank you!

Having gotten what they want from you, the Devils have no more interest in you. Unless you get you soul back, that is.

Why exactly do you believe the devils were being so intimate with you in the first place?

Getting your soul back will not return the cards. Intimate of Devils 20 is the end.

Wait…so I can rid myself of them by selling my soul once and grinding it back?

Yep! They won’t try to get your soul again.

That…makes me want to sell my soul. It’s just grinding 10 echo boxes and hoping for the best, right?

You can do that. There’s also the Student Body in the second half of the University content, and One’s Public when your Persuasive is high enough.

Also, if you flip cards at Wolfstack, “Wolfstack in the Fog” -> Crying his wares -> A little extortion also hews pretty closely to the range you’re looking for.

Also, is it my imagination or did the Fate cost for getting your soul back also increase?

I’ve heard that the Fate cost for retrieving your soul increases by 1 Fate each time you play it.

That definitely was true. I believe the first time I sold my soul I bought it back for 15 Fate. The next time I drew the card, it was 16 Fate. But yesterday when I drew the card it was 20 Fate, so I’m curious if I’m misremembering what my previous values were.

EDIT: I have only actually paid the fate that first time, just to be clear.
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Huh, that definitely sounds like an increase. I don’t have a soulless account anymore so I can’t check to see if the price in general is 20 now.

I have one soulless alt (only lost his soul this one time) - just checked and the price is showing at 15 Fate.

Thank you very much for your quick responses!
where can I find the card to get my soul back for fate?

[quote=mischieffoal]Thank you very much for your quick responses!
where can I find the card to get my soul back for fate?[/quote]

It is an Unusual Frequency card that shows up everywhere so you just have to be lucky.