I guess this is either cool or a bug.

I’m not a frequent player of Fallen London, but I followed the link to get the coffee. It took me to my messages page, and I saw messages from my game in there as well as messages from Knightly Tales when I added the suicide option.

Is this sort of an oblique preview of how messages will work on the SN side, or a potential problem (albeit not to anyone who doesn’t play multiple worlds).

I noticed this before back when I got my backer rewards for Silver Tree. It would appear that any and all messages get sent to your Fallen London messages tab.

Loved the “Your Suicide quality is now 1 - you can restart the game” message when logging into FL. it really made me wonder for a few seconds…

Currently, all messages are stored there, yes.

[color=#009900]Sorry folks - this is a side effect of the replumbing we’re doing. There’ll be an SN-wide messages tab live later this week, which will clear up that rather titillating world-leak effect.[/color]

Something I noticed related to this: It appears that if I use an invitation to someone to join Fallen London, I get coffee rewards both when they join FL, and also when they join any other Storynexus game. Though, I suppose that only works for the first 10 I think, so not too broken.