I give up

I’ve done several long laps around the entire map and gotten a grand total of 1 batch of 3 lamentable relics since I started looking for them.

And I don’t mean quick laps, I mean &quotfind a good spot by a light source and farm for a loooong time before moving on&quot laps.

What value do I need to alter in the save file to get 4 more lamentable relics :P?

And while I’m at it, what is the value governing the status of the likely lass? I may as well resurrect her.

Oh and secrets, what value governs my secrets total?

Yes, the failed hunt for lamentable relics (it has been a few days now) has broken me that completely.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I have crippled the Crab, Lifeberg, and Pirate Frigate populations, and put a serious dent in the shark and eel populations to boot!
edited by Sephlock on 7/13/2014

Have you done the exploration series at Godfall? Pays out with a bunch of relics.

I stupidly frittered them away before I realize their true value :P.

Oh yah, you should be able to get about 5-7 Lanetable Relics from Godfall. And I have a good time getting them from Angler Crabs and Lifebergs (though on the latter only rarely). Besides Godfall, just farm Agnler Crabs off the docks of Shepard’s Isle - about three of them spawn near the lighted areas.

Wait, you need lamentable relics for something? What are they for? Mine have been knocking around in my hold since the scholar only pays 10 echoes for them.

The Zong of the Zee if I remember correctly. You need at least 7 of those I think. They also unlock an option when talking to the Acolyte at Station 3.

The game still has ALOT of content to be completed. I’m sure you’ll be able to get more lamentable artifacts in the future… You could always drown and leave your inheritance to your successor?