I feel like I missed something in Mahoganoy Hall

I saw the shows, I sorted the box, I even indulged in some sabotage while being a double agent.

I can’t say my stats changed much, it’s like I was hardly there at all. The court left a much longer lasting impression.

Is it just a short area without good grinding and not much to be gained? All plot, no loot?

Have you done the Pygmallion storylets? They’re fun, and Lyme is probably the best glim grind (for a given definition of best). The fate locked options there can be interesting to do at least once.

Working for Frank and Jasper is also the best source of deep amber outside of flute street, to my knowledge.

Done lyme, done the devil. Curious about the fate locked ones but not brave enough to spend on an unknown.

Thanks for pointing out the frank and jasper returns.

I think next university. It’s that or wilmont’s edge, those are the only two things I’ve got unlocked that I’ve not done …
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The Fate-locked ones don’t provide a large amount of lore, but they’re fun in their own right.

They are reasonably fun. But no unique items, and not a lot of lore. My personal opinion is that Fate is better spent elsewhere.

Have you done the Box stuff on in Spite and on Conflict Cards?

Nope, because that’s the next stuff, back in spite, not something that’s in the mahogony hall.

I’ll get to it when my stats reach 120 and the options there exist, meanwhile I’m doing the university.