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The only port that can be traded is the mummy colony in the north, making 3G from the main city of honey in the past, bringing diamonds back from there to make a 5G. The chief city general’s mission to a specific port to take information is 150G. In addition, there is a mysterious person in the main city. At first, he sent the resources, then he gave the task of taking a small island to the 12 point, and finally sent it to the center of the map to get things back to the main city’s task, a 200G. It’s hard to make money. It is expensive to eliminate anxiety in the leading role. The value of anxiety is over 75, and the BGM will change and the sailor jumps in the sea. It’s not easy to live.Fighting, the city near the main town. Out of this range. It’s the rhythm of the second. A little better ship 8KG. The protagonist runs a freight for less than 100G’s income and can’t afford it.Crew. Only the main city can get it. Each crew has its own specific plot and task.

Day One is ruff.