I Don’t Want to Be Plotting Against the Masters

So the character I’m playing has a pretty complex backstory, but I ran into the issue that I need to get close to the Revolutionary Firebrand due to the Secular Firebrand. Long story short I accidentally am now Plotting and do not want to be. Even worse, all of the options I’ve taken that seem should have reduce that (throw yourself on the mercy of the court is an increase - what.)now have me up to 3. Is there any way to reduce this quality or am I stuck with it?

You are stuck with it, but I don’t think that stops you from getting close to the firebrand.

Look at it this way: the quality increasing doesn’t correlate with how much your character is plotting. The quality increasing just means you’ve progressed through the story; it doesn’t indicate that your character is intent on plotting.

So this won’t affect my getting closer to the masters then? I figured it wouldn’t change the firebrand path as he’s part of the revolutionary path but I don’t want to go enforcer/murderer and just don’t want it on my profile if I didn’t absolutely have to.

It won’t affect anything except your eligibility for professions and drawing the “Bringing the revolution” card instead of “A commission from anarchists.” That’s actually probably a small loss, since the latter card is nice if you have no desire for Favours: Revolutionaries, but not a big deal.

No one else can see whether you have ever been embroiled in plots from your profile unless you display it, so don’t!

And of course there is no way the Masters would ever find out. Honest. Nobody would dream of telling them. Ever. Provided you keep it quiet, eh?
Erm …