I captured the captivating princess...

And forgot to read what it said. (the story text, I did make note of the scandal and the connoisseur of neithy delights rising.)

I am so embarrassed. Did anyone else get the captivating princess from the duchesses party and can remember what happened?

I tried to come up with something witty to put here, but I couldn’t. Have fun.

Did you get her as a companion or did you just get Acquainted: Captivating Princess?

Just the acquaintanceship. She’s not an available companion.

She took Red Honey with you, giving you a Story trait normally only gained by those with Ambition: Nemesis.

Only as an acquaintance. I was hoping someone else had copy pasted the page of dialog somewhere for captive viewing. Ah well… Boy I wish I could make a second character sometimes.

Click on OPG’s link. They echoed the content.

I just managed to do the same after trying for around 4 days to do so. The rewards make my character harken back to his early carefree days, as well as make me feel somewhat blessed and rich for one reason: You’ve gained 1 x Dreadful Surmise (new total 2).