I can't "perhaps not" out of certain cards

I am working on a world in storynexus that is nowhere even close to being published, but I am running into an issue of being unable to &quotperhaps not&quot out of some cards. Any and all thoughts would be helpful. If anyone wants access to the world, more info, etc, just ask. Thanks!

I know that the Red Border cards are auto-run, and can’t be cancelled. The Cider dream cards can’t be Perhaps Not-ed out of. And the Bad End item requires a choice, at least last time that I checked it.

Just to make sure, I am working on my own storynexus world, I know and play fallen london, and I understand the red-bordered cards. My issue is that I can’t back out of one of my five storylets that I created, and I don’t know why.

I heard mention of a hidden &quotMust&quot quality in some Fallen London storylets. Perhaps the faulty storylet has that quality.

I don’t claim to be a Storynexus expert, but I felt like trying to help with my limited knowledge of the game structure. I mostly stumbled into here through the Unread Topic list, and felt like helping
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I can’t see any separate qualities that have been changed on the card, but tell me your storynexus username and I’ll add you as a creator.

You’ve probably got either the urgency or stickiness set incorrectly; some combination should work! Feel free to add me to your world so I can have a look though. I can send you my StoryNexus user name via PM if you like.

The urgency is normal, and the stickiness is sticky. And sure, I’d be happy to add you.

I think if you set them to discardable rather than sticky that should work.

but I don’t want it to be discardable!

You may have to make a back-out option manually (like the way that you can’t back out of changing your title in Fallen London on the Urchins card unless you follow the 0-action thingy back to the main card).
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