I bought 45 fate what story should I buy?

I want to ask you guys what should I buy with 45 fate ? New to Fallen London and have not bought any of the extras yet.

I would wait until your stats are over the 50s before purchasing any content. The Gift has mediocre rewards, but the lore is pretty great. I’m a fan of The Blemmigan Affair if you want to play something lighthearted and geared towards new players, and two of the branches that I played had options that are useful for the entire game. The Aunt extension is also pretty fun and has good rewards at the end of its branches. I would advise against The Rubbery Murders since you can fail and learn nothing about the mystery if you don’t do the right detective work.

The Lonely Hunter gives good advice. Also, what do you enjoy? Politics? Horror? Action? Exploration? Romance? Game Lore? That could affect recommendations.

It also depends on what you’re looking for. Exceptional Stories are very self-contained, with few interactions in other content, though a few do permanently unlock things around the game. The non-Exceptional Fate stories often have shorter plots but permanent unlocks and more tie-ins elsewhere. Here’s a few of my favorites:

  • The Blemmigan Affair – Blemmigans and poetry. Suitable for an early-game character. Unlocks very good rewards.[/li][li]The Gift – Horror, monsters, and the Palace. Unlocks very good rewards.[/li][li]The Empress’ Shadow – The Surface, the Masters, and politics. The story itself is short, but permanently unlocks a new location with a lot of content.[/li][li]The Ceremony – Rubbery Men and their masters. Unlocks a useful item.[/li][li]Lost in Reflections – Revolutionaries, dreams, and the Surface.[/li][li]Cut with Moonlight – Sunlight, Society, and Criminals. Permanently unlocks story content.[/li][li]The Frequently Deceased - Society, family, and death. Unlocks something extra in The Empress’ Shadow.[/li][li]The Calendar Code – Revolutionaries, the Masters, and the Duchess. [/li][li]The Twelve-Fifteen From Moloch Street – Devils, Hell, and a murder mystery. [/li][li]HOJOTOHO! – Urchins and more urchins. Unlocks decent permanent rewards.[/li][li]All Things Must End – Tomb-Colonists, the Third City, and death. Permanently unlocks a new location.[/li][li]For All The Saints Who From Their Labours Rest – Devils, Hell, and the Church.[/li][li]Cricket, Anyone? – Spies, the Masters, and cricket. Widely considered one of the best Exceptional Stories. Tie-ins with other content.[/li][li]My Kingdom for a Pig – Pigs, the previous Cities, and the Bazaar. By the same author as Cricket, with similar praise. Many tie-ins.[/li][li]The Shallows – Death and revolutionaries. Unlocks a useful item.[/li][li]Por Una Cabenza – Slug-racing, gambling, and Devils. By the same author as Cricket again![/li][li]The Ballad of Johnny Croak – Urchins, the Masters, and frogs! Many, many frogs.[/li][li]Paisley – Fashion, revolution, and Polythreme. Another by the author of Cricket. More experimental, but still good.

Regardless of which you choose, I agree that it’s worth waiting a little bit to play them. Most of these stories deeply explore certain sections of lore, so you might enjoy them more after learning background information. Some also have options unlocked by playing other free stories first.

On the subject of Exceptional Stories…


I didn’t talk much about Exceptional Stories, but I’ll second HOJOTOHO!, For All The Saints, Crocket, Anyone, Por Una Cabeza, The Ballad of Johnny Croak and Paisley. I also liked Noises From Upstairs (A tale of paranormal activity and crime) and Written In The Glim (One of the few stories outside of one of the ambitions that concerns the roof of the Neath). One story that I loved but wouldn’t recommend right now would be Tauroktonos. I loved the exploration and infernal lore, and it gives pretty great rewards as well, but the gameplay mechanics aren’t entirely clear and it’s very easy for your expedition to end in tragedy without knowing what you did wrong. I would avoid Fine Dining as well. I’m actually pretty fond of it, but the mechanics are even vaguer, the rewards are fewer, and the story relies almost totally on luck.[/spoiler]