I Appear to Have Lost My Writing Desk.

Evening All,

I am having a major problem Making My Name as a writer of fine literature, namely: I cant find the Writing Desk Storylet. I have A Name Written With A Flourish 1 and the (almost) ever trusty Wika is saying I need to publish a short story. I can not find the Writing Desk storylet in Veilgarden or anywhere else. Is anyone else having this issue, and if so, has anyone found a solution?

Please and Thank You,

The Investigative Academic

P.S. I am at Persuasive 28, if that helps.

The Writer’s Desk requires A Name Signed With a Flourish 3, not 1. Have you tried out some of the other available options? My best guess is that Literary Ambitions is where you need to look, but I’m not sure.

The wiki is unfortunately wrong; you need to be pursuing an affair with either the Honey-Sipping Jewel Thief or the Honey-Sipping Heiress. You should see storylets related to them in Veilgarden. Once you conclude your affair (generally speaking, this means breaking it off with them in one way or another) you’ll go up to 2 and will be able to write a short story in order to get to 3. (The Writer’s Desk requires 2 to appear, at least in its first incarnation.)

Ah, alright. I wonder where you’re supposed to look to get to 3 currently? I checked a second time, and the Writer’s Desk definitely says it unlocks at 3.

Okay. Got it! You have to break the relationship off yourself and NOT drive them away and with my low Shadowy and (Relatively) low Persuasive had me going in a loop of failed dates and heists. I must thank you two for your help. That was NOT straightforward at ALL.

There are two versions of the Writer’s Desk (and of the end of the Honey-Sipper Affair, and a number of other “tracker gateways”). One of them unlocks at “exactly 2” and has the branch that lets you Make Your Name by publishing a short story, while the other unlocks at 3 or higher (right after you Make Your Name) and continues to be available for writing sellable short stories.

For reference: