I am too watchful. Is this a bad thing?

Hello delicious friends! I recently moved to Fallen London(3 days ago) and all my skills are 1 except for watchful which is 17+1. Is this big gap between them ok? If not, how do I manage to get the other attributes up? Somehow I only get watchful storylets and opportunity cards.

One of the better parts of this game is that you can play it however you like.

However, if you are only seeing watchful stories, it may be because you are staying in one place. Have you tried the “travel” button at the top? The areas you have access to initially are neatly divided by the stat they focus on - Ladybones Road for watchful, Veilgarden for persuasive, Spite for shadowy, and Watchmaker’s Hill for dangerous.

Somehow I forgot about the travel button. Those delicious storylets are so captivating.

Thanks a lot!

Until you get to around 100 in each stat, you’ll be heading to areas that deal exclusively in a single stat, with maybe a few options here or there unlocked with another stat (But in all such cases, you’ll be able to clearly see the requirement, if you decide to pause and go get it). They are as follows.

Dangerous: Watchmaker’s Hill, Wolfstack Docks, and the Labyrinth of Tigers
Watchful: Ladybones Road, The Fourth Quarter, and the University
Shadowy: Spite, The Flit, and Mahogany Hall
Persuasive: Veilgarden, The Shuttered Palace, The Empress’ Court, and Mahogany Hall.

A few notes here, The Empress’ Court can be considered a part of The Shuttered Palace, and Mahogany Hall is mostly a Shadowy place, but has a persuasive section that’s separate from the rest.