Hunting Lorn-Flukes

I’m finding more and more that in the late game, Lorn-Flukes are my primary source of both income and secrets. Due to the prohibitive costs associated with the engines/crew required for late-game vessels, I can’t afford to just go out and expect for Port Reports to cover my costs (coincidentally, I’m probably going to lose Port Reports soon…does Admiralty disappear at 7 enemy Supremacy or 10?) Ideally, I’d like to kill as many as possible every time I go out. The problem is that I can’t always find them![li]

Part of this may just be that whether they spawn at all has an element of randomness. I’m not sure.

I can find them at the following locations:
-Directly above the Fathomking’s Hold, almost always
-SOMETIMES SOMEWHERE above the Chelonate. These are difficult to find.

Anyone have any other locations where Lorn-Flukes reliably spawn?

I’ve actually found between actions like harvesting supplies at Aestival, boons from the Fathomking, and various refuel events I can pretty much cover basic operating costs with port reports.

Anyway, they disappear at Supremacy 7, which then sets your Supremacy to 10 after the event 7 triggers.

I’ve also seen Lorn Flukes in the generic reef tile iirc, and near Aestival. But mostly the Gant Pole.

…does the spot in the Principles still spawn them? I know they spawned there in the beta but I haven’t seen them since then.

Well, my Aestival is RIGHT next to Kingeater’s Castle and nothing else is anywhere near them, so it’s pretty out of the way. I don’t go there much.

Only ever seen Morays in the Principles.

If you find one near Fathomking’s Hold, just kill it, go and dock at the port then save and reload and it should appear again. A bit gamey, unfortunately, but it makes it easy to level up your skills in a respectable amount of time.

edited by Owen Wulf on 3/5/2015