Hunter's Keep: Who are they?

The three sisters of Hunter’s Keep; who really are they? The side text describes them as a coven of three witches; but I haven’t really seen anything to that effect. There’s that weird maidservant, and their bizarre well, but overall, aside from somehow giving access to the stone-tentacle key, they seem eminently normal. You know, eminently normal as three people who live in an obscure island in the middle of a dark zee full of dangerous monsters can be. I mean, if three people with tragic love stories as back stories, and a lot of weird **** in their homes weren’t the sort of thing that associates naturally with the Bazaar, even that wouldn’t be quite out of place.

Well, that, and their apparent association with the Eaten one.

So, does anyone know anything, or have any idea?
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They’re not associated so much with the Eaten One. You’re thinking of a different Island.

I dunno, but I’ll be heading there as soon as I get my friggin’ yacht.

Dammed unalterable 30% luck rolls.

EDIT: Is it a coincidence that the Stone-Tentacle Key you get at HK has the same icon as the Reservation to the Royal Bethlehem Hotel? I doubt it.[li]
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It is not a coincidence. One might consider a visit to Polythreme to understand more.

I have no boat, though.

You can get a trip on a tramp steamer.

To Hunter’s Keep?

I’m gambling for a yacht right now, but that damned 30% roll keeps screwing me every time.

No just to Polythreme.

Good luck with your gambling,

I thought Hunter’s Keep was one of the more intriguing storylines as well. Pity I didn’t have the chance to seduce any of the girls.[li]

Several things stuck out about the girls—how their &quotlove affairs&quot seem to be retelling versions of the same story, which could very well be the very boring one documented in the diary I found. That journal was dated from only a couple years ago. However, the youngest sister’s final story tells of how her love affair was broken due to the Fall, which happened 30 years ago, and which would make all three sisters much, much older.

They all talked about the same trinket, but their slightly different stories were definitely different. It was just three ways to lose your lover, as it were.

I’ve read some very interesting theories as to who the sisters might be, drawing on classical sources and such that I wasn’t terribly familiar with and, ashamedly, don’t remember. I’d certainly like to know more about them - their wild deviless maid and mysterious well creature are strange enough, but they seem to know a great deal about our natures and destinies - indeed, if it weren’t referred to when we’re not actually there, I’d suspect the whole island were some sort of dream.

All this time I just assumed they were the Brontë sisters, or at least Fallen London’s version of them.

Heavens; they’d be dreadfully old by this point. Practically dinosaurs. Brontësauruses.

See, I’m not quite sure their maid WAS a deviless. I’m quite familiar with devils at this point. When I see one, I tend to call it like it is. There’s really no mistaking one. It’s interesting that we’re not told the maid is explicitly a deviless. We just know that she has sepia eyes and way too many teeth. She seems quite a bit more feral as well—most devils I encounter are quite well-mannered, such as they must be to angle for our souls.

The love story of all three sisters is more or less the same one, except that the details are different. They all involve a love affair that is ended when their beloved’s father forces the boy to work in the city. That is why the one journal I find at their house is so tantalizing—it’s an awfully boring diary of a chaste love affair, and I can’t tell which of the sisters it belongs to.

The Pygmalion stories, among others, suggest that the Devils’ charm and manners are a façade, cultivated explicitly to woo humans and part them of their delicious, delicious souls. I suspect there’s a great deal more work put into that than we realise - hats over their horns, dark glasses over their eyes, gloves over their claws, makeup over their inhuman complexions… if the maid is a deviless, she’s clearly not entirely wild - she’s just glowering at us and lurking in damp holes in the ground rather than trying to eat us - but her priorities are dramatically different from those in London.

But there are so many more interesting things than devils out there that could have fun eye colors and the wrong number of teeth.

Well, yes, I’m quite aware that devils make themselves more presentable and humanlike to woo us for our souls. Nevertheless, devils are so utterly commonplace that we are usually quite certain when we see one. Even if it is louche and completely unfamiliar with people customs, we can still tell it’s a devil.

The many-toothed, sinister maid, on the other hand, is never called a deviless or ascribed with distinctly devilish traits—merely inhuman ones. For example, at one point she takes me by the arm, digging into my arm with sharp fingernails. Had she been &quotdevilish&quot, I imagine I would have noticed her hot flesh scalding mine.

I hadn’t heard that theory before; but now that I think about it; given that the stories of the sisters date all the way back to the Fall; it seems to me that they’d already be quite old under any circumstances; though admittedly, the Bronte Sisters are still around ten years past the probable age of the Hunter’s Keep sisters.

Can someone clear up the Polythreme/Hunter’s Keep/Early level Claymen lore? I still have some confusion on how are claymen born and the reationship with the key and the Hotel

After finally getting my yacht, I sailed over to the Keep and found myself a conundrum: Is it possible to obtain Dramatic Tension on the island?