Humble Bundle Fallen London Access Code for Update

What is it? What’s its purpose? When i logged in for the first time in the game, it automatically put in &quotabsinthegreen&quot, it was at that point that i should put in mine?

If you link your accounts and play fallen london a lot there can be some minor crossover bonuses.

Yes, i read that, since i have already create a Fallen London account and used the same email and pwd to login in Sunless Sea, i wonder what is the purpose of the code (i used the automatically filled one “absinthegreen” , not the humble bundle one, that was alphanumerical), does it change something?

Hmm so about the linking accounts thing. If I play fallen london with a facebook login how do I do that. It doesn’t seem like the fallen london login inside sunless sea has an option to deal with that.
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[color=#C2B280]From our FAQ:[/color]

[quote]I sign into Fallen London using Facebook or Twitter. Is there a way for me to link Sunless Sea to my Fallen London account?

Yes! Log into Fallen London and go to your account settings (there’s a link at the top right). Link an email address to your Fallen London account and use this email for Sunless Sea.[/quote][color=#C2B280]Which activation code you use for Sunless Sea doesn’t change anything, at least at present.[/color]
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