Huge bonus to Irons!?

Sometime while I was playing out The Nativity Storyline My Irons jumped from somewhere in the 50’s or 60’s to 102. I’m not entirely sure what caused this. Is this normal? what caused it? Is it a bug or a feature?

Er… that’s certainly a lot. I can’t even imagine what could have legitimately added 40-50 Iron at once. You didn’t notice when it happened?

I wish I had, is there a file that logs everything your captain’s done? like a log book that logs what’s long since scrolled out of the log book buffer?

Well, if this happened in your last play session and you haven’t opened up the game since then, it might be in your output log… but I’m not sure what that actually logs, maybe not anything useful for figuring this out.

Even weirder, when I gained a point of irons from a story event, it suddenly went back to normal… +1 obviously. o.O

New ship? Your ship often adds a sizeable bonus to Irons, but this bonus will not appear inside of the story dialogues, which will show your natural, unmodified value when returning what you gained/now have as a result.

Maybe you ate some zpinach.