How's Your Spirit of Hallowmas?

  • 0-499
  • 500-999
  • 1000-1499
  • 1500-2499
  • 2500-3999
  • 4000-5999
  • 6000-8999
  • 9000-11 999
  • 12 000+

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With a little under 3 days left to collect Spirit, how are we all doing so far?

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I remembered how painful it was to grind to 2500 last year, so this year I’ve simply treated Hallowmas as “free scandal cure week”, and I sit comfortably at 369. I have gained many criminal favors from supporting upper river banditry between Hellworm rides and saved thousands of rostygold that I would normally have sent to my Licentiate acquaintances.

Luckily the scandal affiliation is one that I don’t have. I suppose next year I’ll have to actively engage in order to get more Wounds turn-ins than scandal. (I’m banking on the baby mask being available three years in a row, which seems like the way the rotation should work)

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I’ve only just picked up on how Spirit of Hallowmass works, so it’s still pretty low. This is the first Hallowmass since I started playing again after stopping for a couple of years, though, and I’m really only just getting into end-game level stuff. I actually finished an ambition with my Alt, and I’m building towards the Hurlers on my main, so lots of enjoyable content. I think I’ll really get Hallowmass next year. Been enjoying trying to pick up a few fun companions this year, although even with two additional wardrobe slots it is getting difficult remembering what I have and where to find different bonuses.

I think Nightmares is certainly overdue to take a vacation next year, which will throttle pretty much all of the dominant Spirit-gaining strategies aside from… well, Masques. It’ll be interesting to see what people come up with!


I’m at 2,500 but aiming for 3k by the end. It’s a slog but it’s only once a year.

4,033 here, I figured I might as well abuse the Underclay since the Moth mask is the most likely one to be unavailable next year.

I should be at 2300 by end of day, currently at 2200. I also did no actions whatsoever last Friday night through Monday morning. And I’m still well on the track to topping 2500 before the end using only the Baby and also pursuing all valuable opportunity cards that came up.

10997 here. Is there anybody who’s grinded as much by using a special candle?

Why do I suspect that some of you never sleep?


Can’t suffer nightmares if you never sleep.


I’m at 2855 at the moment. I’ve been spending most of my actions on it, but I haven’t been playing all-day-every-day, been letting a lot of actions get lost because I’ve been busy. I’ve gotten most endgame stuff, still working on the boots but I’ve got goat/cider/saddled worm/Paramount, so I’m just doing this for the extra vanity quality.

:rofl: I’m tickled to find myself in the 30%, so not alone! I’m within half a level of getting my Courier’s Footprint, using the Wounds ditching facility; I did the first 16 or 17 levels last year, so this is practically a habit. That ever-hungry Mog has been useful as always, too.