How would you (Or your characters) change the great chain

If you (Or your character) could change the great chain what would you do. Would you destroy it, move yourself to the top, flip it upside down, move humans to the top, or would you leave it be?

I’d change it into a web thing, making it less tyrannical, and making everything rely on everything else, to some point, democratizing the chain


I’d do something about a certain hotel manager.

Where do you learn about the Great Chain? I keep seeing it referenced in game but have somehow missed whatever plot explains it…


same. i heard it mentioend in the blind pienist and spirifier final story, but all i could grasp from that is that it seems to be what dictates the rules and order of reality, but i dont have a clue about what the order of the chain signifies and if it’s a litreal chain or it’s a metphor or a simplifiction that exsistes so a mere human can understand it, and other aspects of it arent in my understanding too.

Like many things in Fallen London, there isn’t a defined moment where you learn the exact specifics of The Chain or related topics, but instead you have to piece it together from those references you mention!

The Great Chain is a metaphor, but it’s a metaphor designed by some very very powerful beings and as such is a bit more literal than most metaphors. It decides where things rank in the cosmic order of things, with presumably single celled organisms at the bottom and the extremely powerful beings I mentioned at the top.

Anyway if I could change it I would add a method for legally and safely raising your position so that I can smooch Mr Pages/Fires depending on my mood.


I’d join the ends of the chain together, turning it into a Möbius band that everyone can skate along indefinitely. :innocent:


Chain bad. Web/Loop good

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Chain bad, Ladder good

Oh, that’s easy. First I’d put myself at the top, and unify all the Conjunctions using the threat of demoting Judgements by kicking Judgement unwilling to worship me as The One True God down so many rungs they’re worth less than rats. With the celestial civil war ended (and a quick round of promotions for the handful of characters I like well enough to keep at my side) under what I will tentatively call the Lilac Conjunction (in favour of eternity and surplus) I would then force into motion two key policies: A truce with the Liberation of Night lasting long enough to find a way to open negotiations with the Black and other key representatives (restoration of him to existence, perhaps) with the firm understanding I will not tolerate challenges to my newfound power, and augmentation of myself to undergo multiple forms of immortality that will ensure I will outlive each and everything in the universe. Supping from the Martyr-King’s cup. Undergoing what the Youthful Naturalist endured. Sponsoring Mr. Hearts’ treatment (and ensuring he gets full credit, of course).

After that, I would make known the newly unified state of the heavens and issue an open offer to all sentient life: Submission, utter and eternal by Correspondence, to whatever treaty I see fit to sanction between the Liberation and the Judgements, or the mercy of annihilation.

When all conceivable opposition has been dealt with, all things will be given opportunities to advance up the Chain in strict accordance to how useful/pleasant/amusing I personally find them.


i, THE GREAT JOHN WALKER, would raise my lamp cat to the highest position and myself to right below it-after all, I AM the second greatest being in the universe, and all should know it!

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Probably demolition. Shapeling arts and Red Science are way to fun to play with to keep everything locked in place. Lets snap the relations and make some cool stuff.

(In all seriousness, kind of similar to the web idea, but for the fact I think any arrangement is a bit too limiting. It’s like how language is more fun when you can outright make up words and string nonsense phrases together, as well as making meaningful statements).