How to upgrade, and more stories?

I have the echos, but the next &quottier&quot of engine is unavailable for me (No buy button) at wolfstack docks. Is there some other criteria I have to meet in order to purchase it? Possibly not implemented yet?

Also, what does the &quotmore stories&quot registration do?

“More stories” allows you to get the latest patches and upgrades. If there is no buy button, a product is not available in your current location (i.e. Wolfstack Docks). It can either be bought somewhere else, is a reward in a story or is not implemented yet. You see it in the store because you would have the option to sell it there. (Same as scintillack.) On a completely unrelated note, do you have the genial magician? He’s a nice fellow, maybe you should get him.

Okay, quick troubleshooting questions: which engine are you trying to buy - and, do you have room in your hold for it?

As for the update registration, it links Sunless Sea to your Fallen London account, which lets you download the small updates and bits of bonus content that are released between major patches. Also, it enables bonuses earned in Fallen London to be granted to new games started in Sunless Sea.