How to STOP Seeking Mr Eaten

I misclicked and DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS STORY. Like, negative 1000% interest.

How do I stop/end it/get rid of it? It’s OOC for my character and all the information I can find is about continuing it.
edited by Latining on 6/25/2016

You have an item called “A Bad End” in your inventory. Use it, and Mr. Eaten won’t be your problem anymore. It’s for the best. Really.

Thanks! It… doesn’t appear to be in my inventory.[li]

You won’t get it until you draw a card called An Alphabet of Scars, which gives you a warning about the consequences of Seeking and allows you to opt out immediately.

When it does show up, it has the same icon as “An Appalling Secret” under the “Curiosity” section.

When you say you misclicked, what did you do/what Seeking qualities do you have now? If it’s just Unaccountably Peckish, you can get rid of that by going to the Labyrinth of Tigers first coil and getting some Rubbery Lumps.