How to rid yourself of Seeking Mr. Eaten's Name

Awww, but it’s so much fun.

You can opt out as soon as you begin the quest. Look for &quotA Bad End&quot in your inventory. It should one of the very first items under Curiosities.

Are you looking in the Possessions tab or the Myself tab? It’s a bit unintuitive to find “A Bad End” as a possession, but it’s there.

[quote=Robin E.]I accidentally found myself with the deeply unwanted quality of Seeking Mr. Eaten’s name. Is there any way to rid oneself of the blasted thing without suffering any ills? Any help would be greatly appreciated![/quote] You’ll first need to draw a dark-bordered Opportunity Card, which should appear quickly enough, that will ask whether you’d like to continue your Search. Whichever answer you give will grant you the &quotA Bad End&quot item mentioned above, which will allow your hasty escape. Until you draw one of these Cards (and make the small commitment therein), you shouldn’t face any dire consequences.

As fare as I know, &quotA Bad End&quot appear with Seeking at level 2. Just wait for the right card in your deck and you can can get rid of that curse.

I know someone who is seeking. It’s not pretty. You made the right choice.