How to quickly grind up Dangerous and Persuasive?

I’m looking to grind my Dangerous and Persuasive up to 200 from 130 and 135 respectively. My Watchful and Shadowy are both 200. I’m not looking for ways to grind AND earn Echoes. I just want the fastest way to grind them.
I’m an Exceptional friend if that helps?

The fastest way to get any stat is to do social actions to get second chances and then turn those into stats at your lodgings. The second fastest is to repeatedly do 90% success rate challenges, using a Talkative Rattus Faber and other equipment to maintain the 90% success chance.

Edit: Misread initially.
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alright, which social actions should i look out for? (those are the cards right?)

No both are in pinned storylets at your lodgings

In your lodgings invite people for coffee (under attend to matters of society and scandal) for persuasive second chances; when you have 5 use An easy confidence to increase your persuasive.

Under Invite a friend to join you in something potentially dangerous Invite someone to a Sparring Bout and then use The strength of scars to increase dangerous.

Edit - you can’t get unlimited second chances using the storylets, I think for both options the most is somewhere around 20.
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I’m doing this at the moment for Watchful. It’s best to coordinate with a friend who wants to do the same thing, or use an alt if you have one. Otherwise it’s difficult to navigate around the second chance cap. The cap works like this: You can’t get more than 11 by “winning” the action and you can’t get more than 22 by “losing” the action. So the strategy is to do, say, 3-5 social actions, cash in your second chances, repeat until you run out of actions. Ideally you never want to be above 11 second chances, lest you lose a second chance by winning the action. If you’re willing to prioritize one character (if you’re using an alt) or if your friend is willing to take slower gains, you can speed this up by dropping your own stats with equipment (Talkative Rattus Faber, mainly) and having the other person use stat boosting equipment. You’ll lose more often, thus gaining more second chances.

The second chance grind -as explained by others- is the fastest way to grind your skills.

But is a 0 epa grind.

What I think is the best grind up your dangerous/persuasive AND making echoes is to do a 90% chance skill check that have a epa, like said Kaijyuu.

I think the best is the War of Assassin with an epa of 1.8 . So an epa of 1.625 while you do it with a 90% chance.

The dangerous war of assasin is in the forgotten quarter, and the persuasive one is, i think in willmot end.

However, if you are looking to get 10 in a scholar of a correspondance, it would be best to do first symphonies at the court.

As you’re an Exceptional Friend, there’s actually a slightly better option available to you for Persuasive. Rather than using the option in your Lodgings to invite a friend for coffee, you can use the option in the House of Chimes to invite a friend to a private room. This gives both parties three confident smiles, rather than one, for three times the rate of Persuasive gain. This does still cap at 20 confident smiles though, so you may want to use an alt to micromanage getting them to avoid losing any.

[quote=Richard Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart]I think the best is the War of Assassin with an epa of 1.8 . So an epa of 1.625 while you do it with a 90% chance.

The dangerous war of assasin is in the forgotten quarter, and the persuasive one is, i think in willmot end.[/quote]

The Persuasive part of the War of Assassins is in the Flit. Wilmot’s End has its own Dramatic Tension carousels, which are slightly more profitable with the right actions due to a rare success.

The WoA grind is card-dependent, of course.
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For Dangerous, I also recommend saving up your Docks & Tomb-Colonies Favors, and spending them on fencing lessons on the respective Faction cards. Five favors nets you over 100 cp of Dangerous, over one and half entire levels. This method isn’t reliable, but it can be pursued in parallel with other strategies and can become a decent chunk of your progress.

The velocipede squad grind has a decently profitable option unlock if you pay fate, and selecting this option also raises forceful up to 10. It’s how I raised dangerous from 150 to 200. Paying fate also gets you a ratwork velocipede transport. If you buy the velocipede squad content, just be careful not to remove the grind from the game (unless RP choices force you).

If you don’t pay fate you can still grind several resources in the squad. I used it to collect broken giant for master’s blood.

If you don’t pay fate, grinding and choosing “attend a funeral” at the end of the loop gives something like 1.3 epa, if I recall correctly.