How to know more about the Masters ?

Delicious friends,

I am currently, I believe, in the later stages of the game, the part in which I am under the impression that I have already done all of the stories in the game, and the only thing left to do for me is to collect rare items (a Fluke Core, a Breath of the Void, and so on).

Yet I am appaled at how very little I know about the Masters. My character is quite fond of the Masters and has tried all of his career to get close to them. I always sided with them whenever I had the chance, and I always chose the storylets that would let me know more about them. I have also played all of the Fate-locked stories I could find.

But in the forum, I sometimes &quotoverhear&quot (I try not to read too much because I don’t want to be spoiled, but sometimes curiosity gets me) people casually discussing some highly confidential information about them that I never even suspected before. Talking about the past of Mr Veils, about the personality of some other Masters, the relationships between them, … like it was common knowledge.

So the question is :

How, delicious friend, do you know so much about the Masters ? What did I miss ? What should I do ?

Tell me, please, before I go mad and decide to go North looking for answers.

The entirety of my knowledge of the Masters comes from Spacemarine9’s lore blog and from digging in the wiki! So if you are curious I definitely recommed checking them out!

Thanks, but I was expecting more of how to discover it in game.

Where do people who wrote these documents learn what they talk about ?

Knowledge about the masters is handed out piecemeal in several major storylines. The ambitions all have a fairly big chunk (except possibly heart’s desire? I haven’t progressed that one). The Jack case involves Spices. Stones and Fires are in the affair of the box. Mr Pages is involved in becoming a reliable and the Dandy case, and Mr Wines has his revels. The Long Road path when choosing a destiny reveals some tidbits. I think there may be some stuff in the fate locked foreign office branch, but I’ve never done it. There are undoubtedly more bits in fate locked places I’ve either never seen or have forgotten. Hope that helps!

ETA: Oh and there are some nice and informative scenes available when taking certain fate locked paths once the snow comes, and by interacting with the various Sackses generally.
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Well, I have done all of that - apart from the ambitions that are not Light Fingers, and my destiny is of course with the Masters, yet I still lack knowledge on some things.

What surprised me the most was when people mentionned the origins of Mr Veils. How do you learn about him ? Is it from “Bag a Legend” ?

One of the most expensive scrap options has a short discussion on some of the master’s relationships

Yep, for Veils you want bag a legend. The ambitions have a lot of lore, so it’s worth playing through with an alt if they interest you.

Yeah but I don’t want to start all of my grinds all over again, so I guess I’ll just wait until they finish the ambitions (so in a very long time) and then I’ll just do them all with my character.

Anyway thanks for the infos !

Sure thing! Keep in mind it costs fate to reset your ambition, but obviously that does save on repeated grinds.

This is a very good point! Also, obviously if you create an alt with a particular focus in mind you can progress a lot more quickly than you would just noodling around exploring every corner as I’d imagine you’d do with your main.
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Well I actually expected the admins to let us just play the other Ambitions once we’re finished our current one. I’m not talking about reaching the end of the current content, I’m talking about really finishing the Ambition storyline - so in a very long time.

Well I didn’t think of the other Ambitions as alternate branches, I mean they are not mutually exclusive since they’re very different stories, right ?

If one Ambition was “working with the Masters” and another one was “working with the Revolutionaries” I would see how that would be a problem, but here I don’t see why I couldn’t just go on with the other ambitions once I’m done with this one.

Suincide, I am nearing 3200 scraps for the first time. Which scrap provides that information? Veils Velvet?

I believe it’s the rumourmonger’s network. But it is short, so don’t buy it for only the information. (Then again, I don’t think there’s a use for any of these yet, so do as you like)
Edit: (But veils-velvet does contain a small brush of a hint)
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