How to increase 'Walking the Fallen Cities'?

Does anyone know of any ways to increase ‘Walking the Fallen Cities’ other than through random cards? I just need to get one more point…[li]

According to the wikia you can get Walking the Fallen Cities from the rendezvous at Watchmaker’s Hill (Constable sent you, Society Lady sent you). But first you’d have to get rid of your connected pet, and that’s on a card. But if you don’t have such a pet, then you wouldn’t need a card. As long as you activated that storylet, which is done on a card.

And if your Watchful is 33-47 you can apparently &quotSpy on a Tomb-Colonist&quot in Ladybones Road.

I’ve increased this a great deal through the northernbound parlamentarian card.

Thanks, folks! Can’t bear to part with my grubby kitten, so it looks like spying on tomb-colonists is the way forward (though I’ll keep my eye out for the parliamentarian too).

Ah, wait, looks like even with the Talkative Rattus Faber I’m too highly levelled to snoop on the colonists. Drat! Thanks anyway.

If you fancy a trip, Hunters Keep has options that raise it.

I’ve yet to find Hunter’s Keep - looks like I’m in a tricky ‘middle ground’ for this quality… Thanks though![li]
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Try drawing cards in your Lodgings. It’ll add a card to your deck called The Neath’s Mysteries, and it’ll increase the quality as well as give you an Extraordinary Implication. It’s a little uncommon, but it’s nice.

There’s a grindable one at the Mirror-Marches through the “Be enticed by the temples” storylet that can increase this. However, the Mirror-Marches is a menace area AND the storylet’s challenge is extremely hard.