How to increase Connected: Masters of the bazaar

I was just wondering what the best ways to increase the Masters of the Bazaar Connected quality were?

I’m buying a ship and have opted for the pleasure yacht (Nothing but the best, indeed!) Currently i am at the Gambling for yachts stage and would prefer to ask Mr. Apples about his next game rather than talking to My Gambling Friends (Weasels and wastrels all!) but unfortunately that option requires said quality to be at 3 while mine lingers sadly at 2

Invited to a revel of the Masters ?

No, the Revel only increases the quality to 1. Outside of non-repeatable storylines, your best bet is collecting rare works for Mr Pages. Yes, that is very expensive.

The Iron Box storyline raises this connection, if you side with one of the Masters at the end.

The revel raises it to 1 for the first go and up to 4 with Fate. Mr Paiges, however, appears to have no upper limit. The PoSI option is, by far, the more efficient.

I haven’t finished that story yet. Does that mean you can’t help the cashmir princess (or whatever she’s called)? I didn’t want to **** the masters off, it sounded like helping her might do just that.

You can help the Kashmiri Princess - in fact, unfortunately, that decision kind of gets steamrolled into a larger-scale story with no real attention paid to it. Kind of a shame, really - it just leaps from “Princesses and Unfinished Men” to “major players in all of Fallen London” without any more resolution than “oh I guess all that stuff at the Hall wasn’t really important after all.” I like the Hall, but as it is, there’s no real narrative payoff - the Shroud and the Glass are both disappointments.

If you want to seriously grind Connected: Masters, I recommend heading to Polythreme and getting lots and lots of Romantic Notions. Then doing the Mr Pages rare books option a lot. It’s the best way (and I still keep losing bits off my quality!).

There’s an option on the Mr Sacks card this year that’ll help. But you need to have some previous connection.

Actually, there are several, and some accept First Sporing wine instead. First Sporing can unreliably be bought with an opportunity card.