How to get Secluded Address

I had a whole bunch of them at one point and they sat languishing in my inventory for ages with no apparent use. Then I came to a point where I was grinding for cash and I figured I’d sell them, believing I’d pick some up in the future when they were needed. Apparently that was a mistake since I can’t find a source of them anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Well, if you ever upgrade your Swift Zee-Clipper into a Yacht one of the options out at Zee does give some Secluded Addresses. There’s also a more reliable farming method if you aren’t done with the Plaster Face storyline. There’s also an option to poke around the roots of your Singular Plant while it’s singing, and what seems to be a 10% chance of getting them through Mr Pages’ Educational Picture Postcards and Assorted Souvenir Stationery in the Labyrinth of Tigers.

I would guess you got via the Plaster Face story. They don’t seem particularly useful though, so it’s not a big concern.

I need them to create Favors in High Places.

What are Mr Pages Educational Picture Postcards and Assorted Sovenir Stationary? Is it an opportunity card?

ED: oh yeah! I forgot the entrance section was there. Been so long since I visited. Bingo. Got them on my first go.
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edited by Freddy Six Fingers on 7/2/2015

Oh, no no no. Don’t create Favours in High Places in the Bazaar Side-streets, that’s a terrible deal. Convert some Stolen Kisses and you’ll get 5 of them.

^A thousands times that. That is true for practically everything you can make in the side streets. There is usually some way to convert, or quickly grind for the items.