How to get out of A State of Some Confusion

Hello, I’m sort of new here. Hope I posted this in the right sub-forum. So…I just got Nightmares 8 and got sent to the Royal Bethlehem Hotel. I looked up on the wiki how to get out but I didn’t find much. So, does anybody know how do you actually get out of the Royal Bethlehem Hotel? Do you just increase Tracking the Manager or do you have to reduce Nightmares to 0?


Reduce your Nightmares to 0. That’s the solution to leaving any Menace area. Tracking the Manager is an interesting little story, but it actually doesn’t affect your ability to leave at all. Otherwise, in the future, you might consider posting on the weekly questions thread to avoid excessive clutter, but now this thread exists if anyone else has the same question in the near future, so it works out either way.

Thanks, I’ll be sure to post on the weekly questions thread next time.