How to get more actions in Fallen London? - Emmanuel Katto from Africa

Hello people, my name is Emmanuel Katto, an African Minerals and Mining Expert. I wanted to know how to get more actions in Fallen London?

Well, that’s fairly easy. When you are out of actions, just buy them with Fate (for real money)! You can do that whenever your “Actions” candle blows out by clicking on anything. Also you can double your actions by paying for a subscription on a “Fate” page of the game.

If, on the other hand, you don’t feel like a cheater, there are other ways. Every week you receive an extra 10 actions in your deck with an Abundant card “An Invitation to Linger”. Darkdrop coffie in your inventory restores 10 actions - it cannot be bought, of course, but drops on every Advent, from access codes and elsewhere. Aaand, you could play the story of your beloved Surface aunt on cards, which unlocks an option to restore 8 actions overall with a 30%-chance. But the story itself costs 15 Fate to play.

That’s about everything that I am aware of. Let the veterans correct or expand this “guide”.

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Funny thing, I’ve just found this in a “Help” section in the game:

  • I’ve run out of actions! How can I get more?

With patience or cash money. Your candle refills with another action every ten minutes. Alternatively, we’d love you to purchase them with Fate, our in-game currency. This helps support the writers and keep the servers running. But you never have to pay.

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So, since you’re new, have this, Read the whole thing