How to get Echos

I need Shadowy 97, so I wanted to buy some thing to up my shadowy. I’m running low on Echos at the time, so what are some good ways to get Echos?

Grind low-tier stuff and sell them. Or sell items that you don’t need right now and can get back.
Working for Widow can give you nice quantity of Jade, if I remember correctly. Or maybe honey in Veilgarden.

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edited by BlabberingMat on 7/31/2016

If you need shadowy, you should kill two birds with one stone and find a shadowy action with a good payout. That way you’ll increase shadowy while earning cash. I remember there being some profitable shadowy actions at mahogany hall, while preparing a show or on the Pygmalion stories.

That’s true, but I think they are grinding Shadowy for the exact reason of unlocking Machogany Hall ( 97 Shadowy is one of the options that unlock it).

97 Shadowy opens Mahogany Hall? And after I bought all those animals, too.

That’s what happened to me, too XD. Tho, my character is spender, so it wasn’t too out of character for him to do so.

No, according to the wiki as of whenever 97 Shadowy unlocks Mahogany Hall content but it’s the one area not unlocked automatically through Making Your Name content. It does need you to spend the items.

Hmm. 97 Persuasive seems to work as well; I’m in and my Shadowy is nowhere near 97 yet.

Yeah, you have that option,too. But it is better to have sufficiently high Shadowy, too. More options are available that way.

The Fidgeting Writer is very profitable if you have the items for it… If not, The Affair of the Box is another great grind, but you need to have Mahogany unlocked

Pretty sure you can’t yet do Affair of the Box at Shadowy 97 (as it’s related to Mahogany Hall). Have you unlocked POSI-dom (in your case, you’d need either equipment to get to Shadowy 100 or Fate)? If you haven’t, that’s really the next way to go as you can use the various dramatic tension carousels for profit.

For Shadowy training itself, use the Steal Paintings from a Noted Gallery option on the Topsy King to advance your casing (that should be a higher probability for you than the regular casing options). You can then cash those out for either goods to sell directly. The other option is to to save up Casing for a heist with 2 Inside Information (since you probably don’t have a 4/5 card lodging) - heists also have a bonus of good 20CP of shadowy) at the end. It’s not too quick, but it is a nice change some times.