How to gain the Wry Functionary acquaintance?

I’ve been looking for a way to gain this contact to fulfil my PoSI requirements, but it seems like the &quotCorrespond with a contact at the Shuttered Palace&quot sotrylet has vanished from the Veilgarden. I’m a Darling of the Ambassador’s Ball, but I can’t find it anywhere. Am I doing something wrong? Does it vanish if my Persuasive gets too high? A little guidance would be appreciated.

Correspond with a contact at the Shuttered Palace (rare success)
Cards with the civil service (opp) (rare success)
A Friendly Face (req: POSI, place: shuttered palace)

What is your Name Signed With A Flourish?

My Name Signed with a Flourish quality is currently 5.

My alt lost out on the Correspond with a Contact storylet thanks to the Persuasive tracker changes – but the rare success for cards with the civil service seems decently common. (I got the rare success twice – getting it the second time increases your Acquaintance level.)

Does anyone know if the Correspond with the Contact at the Shuttered Palace storylet permanently removed from the game? It seems to be gone for all levels of A Name Signed with a Flourish (at least from what I can see).

If so, this also means it’s much more difficult to get the Acquaintance: Wry Functionary, since it depends on a rare success on a card which appears only for a certain range of Persuasive (57-87 if the wiki is up to date on this).

(Sure, a POSI character can get this Acquaintance later at the Palace, but this Acquaintance is supposed to be one of the ways to get POSI in the first place).