How to find Khan's Heart?

I may be a shoddy navigator, but I cannot for the life of me find Khan’s Heart. I’ve gone to Gaider’s Mourn and southeast after, and I’ve gotten as far as Saviour’s Rocks with no luck in finding Khan’s. Can someone give me some landmarks around Khan’s to help?

Remember, after Emerald the map shuffles. So, sadly, nobody here will have any more a clue than you do. Keep looking and it should show up.

Ahhhh, this makes a lot of sense, given the unhelpful maps I’ve seen so far. Thanks for the heads up.
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On my current map Khan’s Heart is North-East of Gaider’s Mourn, on previous maps it has mostly been east or north of there though I think once it was just south east.

Sail the eastern edge of your map - I’ve typically found Khan’s Heart 3/4 to 2/3 of the way to the Far East (although north/south position changes all the time). I may just have had coincidentally similar map shuffles for the Khanate of course…

Almost always on the third quarter of the map to the east, but the positioning can be anything from top edge to bottom edge.

There’s a minimum distance it will be from London but as everyone else has said it changes wildly. My current game places it dead center of map. Gaider’s Mourn on the other hand is right outside of Venderbight this time. That stretch is suddenly very dangerous and annoying as there are pirates and bats everywhere.

Yeah I’m having “fun” trying to explore the randomised maps. My main game I’ve managed to open up probably just over half of it, but I need to find Port Cecil for the Admiral and having trouble.

OTOH the game I have on my main computer, rather than the external back up boot drive, has the Salt Lions just east of Venderbight. Unfortunately ever since a suddenly excited dog knocked my computer over last year it pauses what it’s doing every few seconds, which makes playing games/music/video really annoying when I’m not running off external. Luckily I’m getting a new computer next year but damn, having Salt Lions that close would be nice for money making if the game ran smoother. I might have to fiddle with locating save files and see if I can transfer the game over.

You can - rather easily, in fact, if it hasn’t changed since last time I did it. Just copy the save file over.

(My own recent games haven’t been -incredibly- generous with island locations - ports with major stories, like Palmerston, Godfall and Cecil, are all rather distant, and I still haven’t found the Mangrove College - but on the whole, I’m enjoying the experience of planning out trade and exploration routes, and the Blind Bruiser hasn’t yet asked me to go anywhere I couldn’t find.)[li]
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I started a new game that has Palmerston just east of Whither and Codex, which is pretty neat. Still trying to find Cecil though, haha. I noticed that the directions for Strategic Information say that it’s north-east of London - is that a holdover from before the map was randomised, anyone know? Or is it one that’s more likely to be in that part of the map/does the message change according to where it’s been placed this game? I’m not sure whether to keep focusing up there, or head further out to east-south-east.

I’m pretty sure it changes.

Palmerston for me has always been on the upper edge, mangrove and fathomking on the lower, I suspect there’s rows and columns to the base set up that let them appear at some point on either a row or a column, but not a completely variable range (or they could all end up just outside london, which would be great, but dull).