How to create a world

I’ve just discovered the site and would like to create a world. Can anyone do this? I’ve looked at the Quickstart guide but don’t know where the CREATE link is…

Unfortunately, StoryNexus is no longer supported and Failbetter does not recommend creating new worlds there. You could try Twine instead.

The Create Your Story button appears at the top when you’re logged in. Try logging into your FL account and refreshing the Storynexus page.

Hello, I’m hoping to use StoryNexus for a little class project. I’ve gone through the StoryNexus Reference Guide and feel I have a general handle on how it works… but when I go into Godlike powers>Play this world I can’t get my storylet cards to appear. The banner is there and the qualities seem to be working on the left side but the central part of the page is blank.

I’ve tried changing around a bunch of the settings but the only way I can play a storylet is if I set it to ‘Must’ (and only if the Storylet is part of the ‘Always’ deck. If I set it to a custom deck it won’t appear no matter what).

I feel like I must be doing something (or not doing something) that is an easy fix…

I’ve been running into that recently. I think what causes it is a storylet that doesn’t have text in all the fields. Make sure every storylet has a title and a description, as well as all the branches. It seems to work fine if the result areas are blank, though.
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Hmm, unfortunately I already had the fields filled out. Fooled around with it but still can’t get anything to appear without the urgency set to ‘Must.’

Any other ideas?
Or if someone were willing I could add you as an Editor to take a look at it.

I can take a look. I’m not the most experienced, but problems like this are often easy to unravel with an extra pair of eyes. (No guarantees, of course.)

Okay, first look. There’s nothing wrong with the storylet settings themselves; I didn’t find anything, and when I created a new storylet with no requirements, it didn’t show up, either. So at least we can look elsewhere for the problem.

It’s not a problem with being in the wrong area or setting, either, as you only have one of each. That’s another potential problem scrapped.
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If you used any sort of markup tag (<p> or something similar) and forgot to close it off, that can mess up a lot of stuff.
If you want even more eyes, I’m willing to check it out too.
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Edit 2: okay it changed my < and > to lt and gt. Just goes to show how destructive they can be.
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