how to change closest to

How to change closest to? I want to go from closest to hell to closest to urchins.

It’s not yet possible, but we hope and trust it someday will be.

Any update on this? Can we now change our Closest To?

Yes, this has been possible for a good while. You just need to draw your associated faction card and look for the branch that allows you to sever all connections with them so you can become closest to another faction using their faction card.

Argh, it would be that obvious, wouldn’t it? lol Question: I’m a member of the Great Game, and am considering switching to the Bohemians. Is there any advantage to doing this? I’m not sure what value there is in my faction.

It changes your quirks a bit I think. Also some &quotclosest to&quot can be used for &quotCounting the Days&quot but you already have one of the good ones for that.
edited by suinicide on 1/9/2016