How to become more Austere?

I recently decided to ‘correct a misapprehension’ and change my &quotAdmitted to House of Chimes&quot quality. After looking through the options I think the most fitting for me would be the Scarlet Saint.

I have raised my Hedonist to 13 or so by chugging Laudanum (which I found strangely satisfying to do), I have Connected: Hell 75 and am almost there with the Church. I am kind of at a loss for what to do to get my Austere up to 12. It is currently at 8.

Does anyone have any ideas? I would appreciate it! :)

Siding with the church on conflict cards is pretty reliable. Also, the new tomb colonies mechanism gives you a hedonist and austere choice on each card. If you want to, you can go there to grind, but just be warned–leaving with the austere option halves your hedonist.

Oh, and I guess you could go to the Empress’s Court too. If you’re working on a piece, there’s an option that lets you gain austere on the Church storylet. But frankly, that’s an awful lot of work.

I believe you can donate a bit to the church whenever the connected to the church card appears. You lose a bit of hedonist, but thats the easiest quirk to increase if you are still an intimate of devils.

The God’s Editors, if you’re POSI, have a card that comes up fairly often that has a ‘Work diligently’ option. Gives a decent austere boost alongside other nice things.

Raise your Austere to 11 and then head off to the Iron Republic. This is the option you want.

Edit: Aha! Found the guide I was looking for.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 2/24/2014

Thanks for all the suggestions! Since my Austere is 9 right now (which is above the cap on many of the other options), I think I will be heading to the Iron Republic soon…