How to add links and text by default in your posts

I’m haven’t really used forums much before, and I was wondering how to put , links to your fallen london characters or some sort of description of yourself, at the bottom of your forum posts as default. Help would be greatly appreciated.[li]

If you click on your name at the top of a forum page (‘logged in as x’) you can edit your forum profile. You can then put your profile link in your signature using bbcode (so type [ url=YourLink ] Text [ /url ] without the spaces).


…What an interesting signature…

P.S. Type out [img7][/img7] without the Number to add an image wherever you need it.
P.P.S. The text between the img brackets is replacable with any links to an image, so go wild.
edited by Vavakx Nonexus on 7/16/2016