How to Abandon A Case? Investigating a Campaign

Hi, I wonder if folks could help me? I need to start a new investigation, but unfortunately, it turns out I’m already on the Investigating a Campaign case from the mayoral election event. I can’t complete it, because the event is over. And I can’t figure out how to drop the case? Can anyone tell me how to abandon old cases? I’m really stuck here. :(
edited by Dea ex Machina on 9/21/2016

Heading out to zee might work.

I would contact support, this is enough of an edge case they would probably help you out.

Just get to 15 detectives progress

You can abandon your case from Working with the Honey-Addled Detective in Ladybones Road.

Oh thank goodness SOLVED, albeit… in a very strange way. Apparently, this was some sort of bug with the app? (my primary way of playing the game these days) I had all the points in investigation to complete the case, but all the options in the app were grayed out and wouldn’t let me tap them. However, when I logged in to the browser version while I was writing an email to the failbetter tech support folks and clicked the case so I could write more information, I realized that the options WERE clickable in the browser window! So I have now very belatedly investigated the bishop of Southwark and can move on with this month’s exceptional story. :D