How should I go about reaching 100 in Shadowy?

I’ve reached 100 in the other qualities, but Shadowy activities continue to elude me. My Shadowy with items equipped is 94, and I just can’t seem to get it any higher efficiently.

The other qualities had storylines that gave big bonuses, like finding the Correspondence Stones and duelling the Black Ribbon, but all Shadowy seems to have is embarking on Heists to gain some items of questionable value and very little increase in Shadowy. Is there some storyline I’ve missed? I’ve checked back in Spite but there doesn’t seem to be anything of significance to do.

The Shadowy Tracker isn’t out yet, which is why there aren’t any big story-based bonuses like the other qualities. You can always sell casing to Criminals for a decent boost (+10 CP).

You can also get the Talkative Rattus Faber and using it and other items adjust your Shadowy into the 64-78 range, then go to the Flit for the storylet Entertain the Topsy King. The first possible branch, A little light legerdemain, doesn’t need any other items and doesn’t have a cost if you fail.
edited by Jacke on 10/19/2015

I’m a POSI and quite happy to loiter when I’m not grinding MW. Send the requests to me. Now now now (about an hour or so before Time the Healer comes) is a great time to send them round :)