How much does the Yacht cost after The Heart?

Once I acquire &quotThe Heart&quot, how much more resources/money do I have to spend to get the Yacht?

It varies. If you spend 20 fate its just 1,000 amber. If you don’t spend fate you have to gamble for it, with the odds severely against you. Winning the game costs 5 comprehensive bribes, 5 favors in high places, 5 cellars of wine, and 5,000 amber. Losig the game costs you 1/5th of all those resources without giving you anything. If you’re lucky you might get it right away, or you can get unlucky and have long string of failures. I just got my yacht and it took me 8 tries, so I spent 12 of each resources (and 12,000 amber) total.

I’m not sure I quite understand your question.
“The Heart” can only be acquired by backers of Sunless Sea, and can no longer be obtained. Regardless of owning it or not, the price for the 4 available for everyone ships are still the same. It only prevents getting two ships as once, which is why the qualities “The Heart” and “A Docked Ship” are around.

So “The Heart” is the name of the yacht, and once I win it there’s no further cost?

The Heart is not related to the Yacht, the way the Heart works is that when a Sunless Sea backer gets it, he gets an additional shipyard for it(or something like that), that option is locked if you currently have the heart as your ship because you are supposed to only have one ship, and yes, there are no futher costs when you win the yacht.

The Heart is otherwise known as The Cladery Heart. It’s a unique ship that Sunless Sea Kickstarter backers of sufficient level can obtain through a special storyline. It unlocks some special options at zee and can be owned alongside a regular ship, by switching them in and out of dock.

So how is acquiring The Heart related to acquiring the yacht? Or, if I’m completely on the wrong track, how did I get into the game for The Heart when I was trying to get the yacht?
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You’re confused; The Heart has nothing to do with you if you were not a Sunless Sea backer. You get a yacht through this, which is available to everyone. The Heart is listed as something that will prevent you from getting a yacht, which is why it’s listed on the requirements. But that requirement is that you don’t have The Heart, not that you do have one or will get one.

Ohhhhh. I feel kinda dumb now.