How get rid of renown?

I am trying to gain 5 favours with criminals, but I can’t increase it from the Shoshanna circus, because of the renown. Renown which doesn’t seem to do anything at 5. Any ideas about how I can get favours with them (not by cards, something sure).

The wiki has guides to sourcing different Favours.

There is no way to get rid of renown, in general. The only way to get rid of Renown:Criminals is partway down a highly ill-advised storyline. You’ll just have to get favours from the other sources.

Favors come from cards, as a general rule. You won’t find much if you’re looking for non-card sources.

Do you mean the carnival sideshows? Meet some criminals? That only works in the very early days. As soon as you reach 5 Renown, you’re done. Having said that, there are multiple cards that award criminal favours. I tend to accumulate two or three a day. You may find this helpful for favour sources:

There is a guaranteed way to get one a week (from the faction card of your choice). Use a favourable circumstance (these days you get one Favourable Circumstance with each Time the Healer, providing you don’t currently have any - so make sure you spend them).