How exactly is "up to level" defined?

Specifically, what happens when you do something that grants multiple CP &quotup to level n&quot and you are currently less than that number of CP from level n?

Example: I currently have a total of 9 CP of Master Thief (level 3 plus 3 CP). If I rob the glim ship, which grants +3 CP of Master Thief up to level 4, do I still get 3 CP, bringing me to a total of 12 (level 4 plus 2 CP)? Or do I only get 1 CP, for a total of 10 (level 4 exactly)?

You will get full CP if it’s not a hard cap. Examples of hard caps are basic stats (Watchful, etc), favours (7 max). Master Thief does not have upper limit as far as we know.