How does titania work?

i selected an option to build the library of yore there. They took my money and said nothing more about it. is anything happening?
I can tour several other districts, and am told about prospective projects, but there are no options for them.

What is there to currently do in titania? Am i missing something, or is the area woefully incomplete?

It will be built by the next time you arrive.[li]

You have to wait a certain amount of time to come back, right? That seems to be how it works for me.

[quote=Gul al-Ahlaam]It will be built by the next time you arrive.[/quote][li]it certainly won’t, i’ve been back three times in short order while importing honey to winchester

I am quite confused by the Titania mechanics as well. In one playthrough, I funded the library, and after the chorister-bee attack I could repair the library and also fund either a creative project or an academy of war. In my current playthrough, I did not fund any building projects, the chorister-bee attack occurred, and afterwards the story text mentioned the academy of war but the game did not present an option for me to fund its construction. I’ll have to interact with the port a bit more to see if I can figure out how the academy and/or fortress can actually be unlocked.

well i made a thing

and then bees immediately came and destroyed it.
Literally immediately, forced storylet right after cutting the ribbon, what in the ****?

thank you for this, i wouldn’t have noticed otherwise that it could be repaired.
Though despite only costing 50 sovereigns to initially build, its cost me 270 worth of materials to repair it. that seems a bit screwy

I also seem able to build the other two structures for valentine square. Is that alright? will they replace my library?

is it intended that i can repair things again when they haven’t been damaged?

i gained 3x standing with the library of yore for repairing it again. this feels a bit screwy

[quote=Nanako]Though despite only costing 50 sovereigns to initially build, its cost me 270 worth of materials to repair it. that seems a bit screwy[/quote]The weirdest part is, I think, the 100 sovereigns I got when returning to the completed library. Did they finish the project under-budget and then just decide to give the surplus away?

yea it seems whenever you finish a project, you get double the investment back.

although that has so far sstill been dwarfed by the repair costs

I was able to build a school that would supposedly teach the locals how to defend themselves. Don’t know how it affects future bee attacks, though.

[color=#6666ff]Hullo folks,

Has anyone had time to play around with Titania further? Have things become clearer? Are you still confused? Noticed anything that doesn’t quite make sense? Any other feedback on this storyline?[/color]
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I’ve built different things in various games. Like the options that can change a resource into something else. Hate Chorister Bee attacks (though the gourd of Nectar is useful).

Options to repair are very expensive and, at least once, doing so did absolutely nothing (message said something like “x” hasn’t increased for both of the buildings I had for that school). So if it isn’t going to do any good to repair something I think there should be some indication or the option greyed out so it can’t be used.

In recent games I am sticking to one style - Nocturnal; Celestial or Sovereign. At least that gives me a chance against the bees.

I haven’t noticed much benefit to funding the defensive buildings - maybe I just didn’t raise their standing enough though.

I feel like I got the hang of Titania: choose and aesthetic, fund a project, get a return on your investment and fend off an attack next time you come back, then repair as necessary. What I was confused about had to do with developing Petal’s End. After developing the first two areas, I assumed there would be an option to put something on the third. I gathered that the school with the most support would get their building there, but there hasn’t been an option to do so. I assumed you only get to fund one building per area, but perhaps I was mistaken?

I too have been unable to do anything with petal end. I have a completed library and academy, both at strength 6, and no new construction options have appeared in my last few visits. I’ve heard that it’s possible to build the observatory (and use it to get unlicensed charts for Mag’s), but haven’t seen proof myself.

[color=#6666ff]Let me investigate Petal End and get back to you on that.[/color]

The bees wrecked all the buildings and I had to rebuild the academy… and since petal end now no longer had the observatory I was instantly offered the chance to build the fortress.

I think you can only build one petal structure: The Observatory (celestial); <something> Nocturnal; etc etc, or the Fortress. And I think you only get offered the item from the school with which you have the highest standing. So you can get UCs from the Observatory but only if the celestials like you and you keep defending/rebuilding the Celestial buildings.

Built the fortress, boosted defence to 15 with an extra 270 sov: Bees came back, didn’t have any extra defence options and the bees still wrecked a building. Defences eother don’t do anything or it’s not visible in the text or you have to sink a lot of cash into them before they’re effective.

I don’t know what I did but for some reason Titania is completely wrecked for me. Apparently the chorister bees can stop attacking and this causes the pollen from the flowers around Titania to clog the place with pollen. Now nothing can be built and the place is stagnate, kind of annoyed by this tbh. Mainly because I have no idea at all what caused this event.

First captain I played went off without a hitch built it up most of the way before he died, second captain I chose a different aesthetic, and went full celestial buildings, had one built and was on to the next cpl. But when I returned some time later the place was overrun with pollen. Seems no one else has mentioned this anywhere in the forums or on the wiki so I’m very confused and slightly frustrated casue now Titania is just a boring stop off point for fuel/supplies and occasional bargain buys/sells

This has happened to me, too, in previous runs. I think the choice to have not one, but two ports in the Reach both self-destruct (I’m looking at you, Hybras) is… problematic. It definitely takes the fun out of what is otherwise an excellent port - the only one you can customize!