How does one get to Wolfstack Docks?

Greetings. I am Anonyr Enigma, a new arrival in this strange, subterranian city we call fallen london. Regardless, enough the character interlude, I am currently going the the Ambition: Light Fingers, and I’ve reached the point where I must go to Wolfstack docks, to confront Mr. Fires, I assume. However, I’ve hit something of a problem: I cannot find my ambition, except for under the ambition tag in my inventory, and I see no way to Wolfstack docks. Have I encountered a bug, or am I missing something? Please, let me know. Any form of help is greatly appreciated.

Yours Mysteriously,

-Anonyr Enigma.

Look under “Open a way to other parts of the City” in your Lodgings ;)

You’ll need some glim and surface currency to open the route to Wolfstack Dock. Use Open a way to other parts of the City - a storylet in your lodgings

I somehow managed to get a Route to Wolfstack Dock without doing the standard Glim and Currency thing. But for the life of me I cannot recall how and nothing on the Wiki suggests any alternatives. It may have been some sort of access code, I guess…

Yes there have been access codes that gave the Route to Wolfstack Docks; recently with the Sunless Sea codes.

I’m not sure if Wolfstack is one of the areas that you can open with Fate on a day trip card or not. It is a long time since I needed to open a route.

It is.

Thank you all very much! Hopefully I’ll be able to make off with the greatest treasure in the neath now, thanks to you. :3