How does one add friends?

Imagine my surprise when I cannot add a community member (gleaned from this forum) as a friend because we aren’t friends.

How would I go about adding a person to my friend list so I can participate in the tournament of lilies and other such nonsense?

Add them as a friend through the Book of Faces, or follow their birdsong :)

Or, in laymen’s terms, add them on facebook or twitter. If you play by email, sadly you cannot do social actions (Which is lame, social actions are my most favorite thing!)

That is indeed a shameful discrimination! We should open a petition!

Opening a Twitter account just for playing requires more or less the same steps than registering via email. Why not?

It is a matter of principle! I do not want to be a second category citizen!
[I’m speaking in-character, just to avoid misunderstandings!]
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edited by Master Polarimini on 4/20/2012