How does one acquire Cosmogone and Viric?

These are the last two colors I need- I have been searching but to no avail. Can somebody help me?[li]

[spoiler] Viric is the Mirror-Charm received from (I think) the priests at Varchas when you have started having Dreams of Smoke, or a Fingerking painting from Venderbight after you have Fingerking’s Footsteps and (I think) reward the one who helped you find the artefact. For both, you have to have SAY at least twice when visiting. In the former case, you can get it after visiting twice, but in the latter, you may have to visit many times because the event where you find the Fingerking place may take multiple tries.

Cosmogone is a Ray-Drenched Cinder (possibly more, not sure) from the Uttershroom after you propagate seven Blemmigans at places across the Unterzee. Bring Firkins of Prisoner’s honey to trade for the purplish things the first time you’re there. [/spoiler]

[spoiler] There are a few new ways for these, actually - the mechanic could help with viric, and if you fulfill the needs of the empire of hands, your ultimate reward will work for cosmogone. I’m afraid the only choices for that are between rapacious monkeys and giant purple mushrooms with teeth.[li]

For Cosmogone, you can also try selling your soul to the Monkey Emperor, again at the Empire of Hands, although it’s a gamble and you can only ever try it once. You may well just be left soulless and cinderless to boot.

The other gant way will only work with the page from the neathbow (and the 100 mirrors), though. (–>in case future quests require it after you complete that part for the curator)[li]

Thank you, kind zee-captains.
I may complete the curator’s test within the hour!

Got Cosmogone, Viric soon…

Viric was always the hardest for me to get before Sapphire. All of the others were relatively easy (Though Violant was a dice toss, it wasn’t as bad of a chance as getting the one for Viric, originally)

[spoiler] Holy shit there’s a third source for gant now - anyone found it yet? The icon is tiny and I’m going to guess it’s either a dinosaur chomping a tree or a volcano. Probably has to do with kingeater’s castle, but I don’t remember enough lore about the eater of chains to know if there’s a connection, and I’m not passing up Avid Horizon for the even more obvious one with SMEN. (ahhhh)
So now, of the colors, viric and gant have three alternatives; apocyan and irrigo two, and peligin, cosmogone and violant only one (though there’s more than one source for violant and cosmogone.) Don’t think I’ve forgotten anything, though a fleeting recollection may come thwap me in the head later. The earliest ways to get these still seem to be the most efficient though.

Other than Viric, I’d imagine. Well, if straightforwardness counts for efficiency.

[quote=fortluna] Probably has to do with kingeater’s castle/quote]

It can be sold at Khan’s Shadow for 250 and the flavor text on the tooltip says it’s from the chelonate worm drawn preist barge, what ever that means. There’s nothing new in S.port and no mobs floating around the tile so not sure if it’s found elsewhere, needs a McGuffin to draw out(there is that new feather you can sell in London, no found where to get it tho), or just not in yet in play.

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[spoiler] I see it now in Whither! (still hoping for a dinosaur) And unexpectedly, the starshell is only worth two implications. I’m especially excited about Vienna, though. [li]