How do you manage your pets?

This Feast with its train of (more or less) available pets made me thinking. I have big rosters of pets, some because they attracted my curiosity, some because the are useful, some because of collection and some because they happened to be there ready to be acquired. I am at a level where I do not care that much about bonus to the attributes (except eventually BDR) and I was wondering if my collection is a bit impersonal and I should tailor it to the inclinations and interests of my character.

So I was curious, what is the criterion you use to choose and manage your pets? do you get everything? do you go for the raw power in stats? do you pick them carefully according to role-playing? do you get what you get without thinking too much? others?

The criterion you choose pets with is (obviously) up to your choice. I personally pick pets according to how good the stat boosts are and/or how interesting it is. Like, i got the ghost and the affable spy because they were cool. I also want the Rose-bearing Maggot for the same reason. I’m covered in terms of stats with the Scuttering Squad from Sacksmas.

Choosing based on character is pretty hardcore roleplay, in my opinion. Having at least one stat pet would make the game much easier, especially with grinding and tougher challenges. And you’re going to have to buy certain pets for some storylets.

I try to divide equipment (companions included) between my accounts. Part of it is for the sake of diversity, but mainly it’s because I already bought a Tigress and made a Devious Raven Advisor on my main. I’m way too cheap to spend 500 echoes for a 1 point increase in two stats, and by the time the opportunity came around to get one for free I just liked using different pets on different accounts too much to bother. As long as everybody is close to having the best equipment for each stat I’m happy.

In terms of what I keep/try to get, I generally try to get everything since I am a bit of a completionist. As far as using pets, I usually just use the scuttering squad since there isn’t anything better for the stats it provides, unless I need persuasive or BDR of course. Its nice to not have to switch out pets all the time to suit the challenge anymore. I do try to give a name and story to each pet, though I’ve gotten lazy with the huge influx of pets recently.

I mainly just see what I can get through the game.

I try to have one pet for every stat. Apart from that, I try to look for things I can upgrade, like the Raven Advisors or the pets from the Bishop of Southwarks breeding program.

I’ll grab whatever is readily available, particularly if it’s free and/or a ‘limited time only’ offer. Spend now, or forever wish you had! ;)

And now I have three rows of resident pets and occasional companions. I like having options, and sometimes having a particular pet or companion unlocks such options. So far I’ve been too cheap to invest in the rats necessary to get that special start on a certain storyline, but I guess I’m going to have to force myself to spend all those precious, precious Echoes. I’m thinking about getting a Malevolent Monkey to turn into a Pentecost Ape that won’t add a suboptimal card to my deck. 90 Echoes for a pet I don’t need is a lot, but a soul-harbouring ape is pretty cool. Yes. I think I must have one of those.

Having a lot of contacts seems very appropriate for my character, and so does having all those occasional companions. Having a lot of pets is more of a Fallen Londoner thing. In fact, having a lot of everything seems to be a Fallen Londoner thing. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

After a serious plot development in a story, or after each first time back from a menace area, my character gets a new pet and names it in order to calm down (The Stiff-Backed Lady was a special case, because &quotFRIEND YOU’RE BACK! I MISSED YOU!&quot struck). Having a spider make you a nice bit of marketable artwork does wonders after New Newgate, apparently.

This limit is just so I don’t buy them all the instant I get echoes, really, but if I didn’t I would never afford any new clothes or emergency supplies. I personally prioritise the Watchful ones in buying order, followed by Persuasive, but cuteness can knock them up a point.

Like clothing/hats/every other item, I grab everything I can get my hands on, which is why I currently have 57, or 58 when Lilac is done taking her sweet time arriving. Out of all those, though, I really only use the Scuttering Squad and the Owl.

I play neathy pokemons, though I put some limit on fate-locked pets. With the recent influx, I’m somewhat behind in naming them.

I prefer to get pets based on their lore now that my Scuttering Squad and The Presbyterate Diplomat cover my stat issues. I might also buy other pets based on the opp. cards that they unlock such as the ravens. I’ll probably hold off on Fate pets for now.

I’ve yet to get a Starveling Cat which would be really nice for role-playing purposes. However, it’s easier to spin tales with lots of available pets to choose from.

All of them. All of the pets. Unless they would create an impossible-to-discard opportunity card that damages my qualities and items because they can’t get along with my other pets.

Combination of factors. There’s part obsessive-compulsive &quotmust collect them all&quot that fights with the role-playing decisions.

Role-playing would have argued I push for the Stiff-Backed Young Lady or the Monster Hunting Academic as companions, but they were locked out by social actions (and that’s the one thing I’m not interested in pursuing - so no, even thought I might be willing to sink the fate in to one or the other, I’m not creating an alt just to do so), so I ended up burning masquing on the diplomat, the ghost and the assassin even though my character wouldn’t have pursued them. I’ve managed to resist the ape (just too creepy) but now have all the others (Canny Costermonger and Affable Spy were must-gets). I can argue the Assassin on destiny grounds (apparently, I have a Master of Assassins in that far-future dream-destiny, so recruiting them now isn’t too unlikely, although I’m not sure he’s the one I would have chosen.

As far as stats are concerned, my Bitter-Saker Falcon is better on the BDR front than any of the other pets I have, so none of the others get a look-in (admittedly, that does mean she never gets to go out hunting as I lose a point for a couple of days and the reward is relatively weak, but hopefully tea with the widow keeps her happy).

Personally I’ve sold off pets that are available in the store and bought them back. a lot of those pets give you cards you can’t get any other way. Now that I’ve got a collection of like 50 or so pets, I’ll probably sell off those that I can get through the stores and aren’t expensive (keeping my tiger, my Overgoat, and others like it) and just keep the hard to get ones (the Hound of Heaven, the Plated Seal and so on)

All of them. I want them all.

Does anyone else wish we could reorder our inventories according to personal preference? Maybe it’s just me.

I concur, but hadn’t made such a request on teh assumption that it would break dozens of fiddly bits behind the scenes for a relatively marginal gain.