How do you get a "touching love story"?

It says I can get this by using Nostalgia items in my inventory, but I don’t know what type of items it means. Can somebody please help?

Nostalgia is an item category that includes Prisoner’s Honey, Romantic Notions, Visions of the Surface, Touching Love Stories, and Bazaar Permits. You can use the lower stage items to get the higher ones, though I wouldn’t go directly up from honey to love stories. Here is a list of ways to get them. Hope you can find a nice one that works for you. :)

edited by Sara Hysaro on 10/25/2014

Also, the headers for your Inventory on the Myself tab are alphabetical by grouping, so ‘Nostalgia’ is between ‘Mysteries’ and ‘Rag Trade’.

Thank you! Where is the list of ways to get them though?

Sara listed it above, but in case you’re looking on a device that makes in-line hyperlinks hard to see, here it is again:

Oops, I didn’t think about the possibility of you not being able to see it. Sorry about that, and thank you Lady Taimi for providing a clearer one.

Oh sorry! I see the “here” hyperlink now. Thank you for a clearer link though.