How do you capture ships?

A problem I’ve run into is that by the time I get a ship that’s capable of mounting a flensing weapon my Iron is so high that I can’t kill off the crew without obliterating the ship first, I’ve tried using the weakest flensing gun and removing any other weapons and the ship always ends up being destroyed. I’m not sure if this is a balance issue or what?

I’d love to see a weapon that was designed to do as little hull damage as possible while killing off as much crew as possible, maybe an incendiary or poison gas bomb?

Sadly, the ability to capture ships is currently nigh-impossible. The old system cared little for HOW you destroyed the vessel (ship or crew), but the new one requires a slightly more realistic approach, where having a ship to commandeer means not having reduced it to a broken wreck.

Personally, I’d like to see an option where coming up alongside an enemy ship allowed you to send over a crewmember who would reduce the number of enemy crew for a random period of time (possibly based on Iron, i.e. how bloodthirsty your crew is). If they manage to kill all the enemy crew in said time, you’d get the crewmember back, and the enemy ship. Otherwise they obviously murdered your crewmember and you’d have to try again.[li]
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I’d like the option of finally obtaining that Heartmetal Suit for my Irrepressible Cannoneer to wear and have him(her?) go off boarding and seizing vessels by him(her?)self as a combat choice .
Or let me procure the Irrigo Cannon and spray radioactive colour onto the decks of enemy ships.
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Is that what’s planned for the storyline with the smith? I’ve been looking at that locked option for several trips now, wondering.

Well, it’s more of a guess. The heartmetal suit currently serves no ingame purpose besides some fluff and the option to introduce the Cannoneer to him is rather suspicious.

You Guy’s in theme ideas are much better than mine. >.> I did have the idea that poison ammo would be something you’d have to harvest from zee beasts however.

I’d much prefer to be able to take ships as prizes, but it brings with it the very real problem of what do you get if you were to take a prize ship, even a badly damaged one, after all, let’s say you were more piratically inclined, and started preying on the merchant ships running up and down the western coast. Acceptable prize money for a ship (going back to the time when such things were not only normal, but accepted practise), was usually comparable to at least half the value of the ship and men, not to mention the ransom for any officers or crew, and the other thing is to consider the requirement to get the other ship back to port. I liked the old way it was handled, wherein you had to sacrifice some of your crew to send back the other ship and there was no guarantee that you’d be able to get the other ship back, after all, you didn’t know how much fuel or supplies they had and running on a reduced crew would slow the ship and so on. At the end of the day, it’s an interesting quandary to consider and one that I’m looking forwards to seeing resolved. I think there’s certainly mileage in it, and as there’s no PVP going on at the moment, it won’t lead to one person with a dreadnought running around hoovering up everyone else…

I’m bumping this cuz there’s a lot of new patches and content and such. Has anyone found a weapon/technique/whatever that can successfully capture a ship?

I have attempted it around Gaider’s Mourn but no luck yet.


I myself have chosen to wait until this matter has been cleared up before I begin a new game. I want my next character to become a ruthless pirate (as well as selling prisoners, smuggling honey, etc.) but without the ability to capture ships that hope falls flat.

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There is an option at Gaider’s Mourn “Claim your Ill-Gotten Gains” And I thought I may have seen a merchant cruiser… or rather a boat that didn’t attack me and then disappeared pretty quick after that. It must have had some pretty high veils. Perhaps one can only capture non-pirate ships?

Nah, before changes were made to the combat system, I saw plenty of people capturing hostile ships and sending them home with a prize crew. It’s just not so feasible these days.

The game mechanic is in place, it’s just utterly unattainable, cause you should bring to zero enemy crew before hull and with the current weapon stats, it’s impossibile or (maybe, i need to check the new damage value of weapons) reeeeeeeeeeeally difficult if you NERF your stats and/or lose iron on purpose.

Here’s a link to another discussion about ship seizing:
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I still think options for ramming and boarding a vessel and pitting your iron against theirs should be made available, but I like a scuffle…