How do Steam users get the new stories? (10th Feb)

Patch notes state there’s new things at Polythreme.

Steam doesn’t seem to have patched (ver 1957).

So, is the Steam update just not released yet?

You need to start up Sunless Sea and click the Get New Stories button.

There should be a button under ‘Continue’ in the Sunless Sea Main Menu page that says ‘Get new stories’ or something to that effect. If there is new story content to download, the button should be highlighted in a sort of gold color. Hit that, sign in with your password, and voila. Should download new content.

It tells me to make an account, then gave me a special word, then when I tried to verify the account just said &quotproblems with connecting&quot - however, Sunless has both Steam and firewall permissions set to accept. I also tried this forum account to see if it was linked.

So I have to have 1) a Steam account, 2) a forum account and now 3) some other new account?

It’s not very usual to require accounts for patches and bug fixes.


Tried it again, got the achievement and apparently my secret word had already been used (!) but it updated the client.

As a serious aside, it’s not acceptable to not push bug fixes / patches to the Steam client.
edited by ZeaCat on 2/12/2015

Users who refuse to use the new stories tool eventually get the same patches/bug fixes all in one big lump.

I think the servers can be easily overloaded. I struggled a few times to download it. And I can also think a few games which patch outside steam. I’m looking at you, all Ubisoft games which insist on installing uplay. And it only takes a few seconds. And I don’t mind, because new stories in-game is somehow more exciting than “steam is downloading blah blah”