How do I start Scholar of the Correspondence?

I’m told by my Ambition that I can pick this up in the Forgotten Quarter, but the appropriate card or option never shows up. Watchful 40, Shadowy 75, Dangerous 40, Persuasive 81 – can the problem be that I’m too high-level to start this storylet?[li]

Exactly the opposite. You’ll need to raise your Watchful to at least 60.

Too low level, it looks like; Scholar of the Correspondence is a Watchful story chain. The very earliest you can do an Expedition (part of the chain that leads to getting Correspondence Stones and by extension Scholar of the Correspondence) is at Watchful 60.

It’s never too early to start saving all those Whispered Secrets though! Don’t do what I did, and convert them all to Cryptic Clues and then to Tales of Terror or Journals of Infamy to pay for expensive lodgings. Make Whispered Secrets your number one goal on your way to Watchful 60. Whispered Secrets and Sudden Insights. That’s how it’s done.

Thank you, everybody! I tried to mark your answers as &quotAccepted&quot, but it doesn’t seem to be going through.[li]

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[quote=Spacemarine9]marking an answer as &quotaccepted&quot turns it a bright shade of green, making it almost entirely unreadable :V[/quote]Yeah, this. The first time someone did that to one of my posts, I panicked and kept trying to edit it, wondering what I’d done to make it look so wrong. I advise giving a thumbs up to posts you find helpful. This shows appreciation without singeing the eyes of passersby.

Hey, fellow relative beginner here, I just noticed a great way to grind Whispered Secrets. I spent a few days robbing drunks for a Tasseled Sword-cane, and ended up with about 6500 Primordial Shrieks. 50 of those can be converted to 10 Maniac’s Prayers and 40 Whispered Secrets. All of these Forgotten Quarters threads seem to be filled with PoSI who don’t remember how they found Secrets when they were small, but this is a pretty good way I think.[/li][li]

Admittedly, singeing the eyes of passersby is a very Fallen London-y thing to do.