How do I reduce "Walking The Fallen Cities"?

Deliberately, I mean. I have the &quotThe Cities that Fell&quot and want to go for &quotFirst case for Mr. Pages&quot choice. However, it seems I have one &quotAscending the Reliables…&quot (corrrectly) but five &quotWalking The Fallen Cities&quot (one too many). Is this by design to reflect something I did earlier? Or did I somehow forever screw up my opportunity to progress along this storyline? :(
edited by Morgan Joylighter on 9/3/2016

It should be a minimum requirement, not an exact one. Having a higher amount of Walking the Cities shouldn’t lock you from getting involved in the storyline.

Well, it is locking me. 4 and 1 are the only requirements listed and my stats are 5/1 consecutively but it’s still disabled. Should I contact Failbetter? The mysteries of the previous cities is one of my favorite aspects of the story so I am determined to progress on this card. :)
edited by Morgan Joylighter on 9/3/2016

Are you sure you have Walking the Fallen Cities 5? I ask because I checked the wiki, and it lists the requirement as being 5, not 4. Is it possible that you currently have 4 Walking the Fallen Cities?

Hopefully that is it. Since it was only a standard frequency card I dropped it hoping it will come up again shortly, then I got another Walking the Falling Cities card which claimed that it had raised mine to five. I stared, poked and prodded at that original card for quite awhile before I asked for help, so either there was a bug on that card or I simply am hilariously bad at seeing what is in front of my eyes. I will not venture to guess which one is the real explanation :) Thanks for helping!
edited by Morgan Joylighter on 9/4/2016

Yep, it is fine now :) Phew!