How do I raise "Dramatic tension" or "A diplomat i

n the making"?

lmgtfy. I believe you can find more information here; although that is not yet a journey I have made.

A Lady reading
edited by MaurnaFrost on 3/17/2012

Dramatic tension can be raised in a number of places, but any place where you will need to use it, it can be raised there too. Examples I’ve seen so far are Wilmot’s End, the War of Assassins, and Hunter’s Keep. Basically, you can work at increasing a certain quality tied to the area, and once that quality gets high enough you’ll reach a conclusion that earns you points of Dramatic Tension. Get enough Dramatic Tension (Usually 2 I believe, so 3 cycles through) and you can cash them in for rare items made in the bazaar sidestreets (Except for Hunter’s Keep, which gives you something a bit more unique). Near as I can tell, there’s no advantage to earning your Dramatic Tension at one place or another, so just play it as intended and earn it where you’re going to spend it.

As far as “Diplomat in the Making” goes, if you have sufficent persuasion and have been banished from court, you may receive an opportunity to start that storylet. Alternatively, you can talk to the Bohemian at your lodgings to access that storylet without needing an opportunity card (Still need the requirements though).